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Airport Architecture Ready for Takeoff: New Design Horizons with Metal Fabric

August 07, 2020 | News

Cambridge, MD – Modern airport architecture is both challenging and prestigious. With rapidly increasing passenger numbers – 4.1 billion transported worldwide in 2017 alone – architects and designers of these high-profile projects are adapting to visitors’ needs by tailoring amenities and design accordingly. In the competition for attracting air travelers, airports are transforming a dated and utilitarian model of transportation to one that is more hospitality-driven, with sophisticated design and a full range of passenger offerings.

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GKD Helps Spread Local Christmas Cheer By Donating Toys To Children In Need

December 21, 2015 | News

The holidays are a time for giving, with generosity being virtually contagious this time of year. In addition to our Thanksgiving Food Drive, GKD has partnered with the Rescue Fire Company of Cambridge, Maryland since 2009 for an Annual Toy Drive.

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