Complete product, design, installation and support for metal architectural fabrics

GKD maintains a full online library of supporting materials that are at your disposal. From informational literature, an award-winning sampling program and online CEU/CES courses to a range of data sheets for all weaves, attachment components and projects, these resources will aid your work in all levels of specification. 

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Select the literature icon to view or download that file. Contact us for additional information or assistance.


Order samples from the individual metal fabrics pages. Simply select "order sample" from the options located to the left of the fabric illustration. 

A convenient place to store your metal fabric samples is the Product Library Sample Box,  designed to accommodate 15 packaged samples and literature, too. Order the select set and receive select  product samples plus the Overview brochure.  

Order just the box to store the samples you already have in your office.






Metal Fabrics in Architecture - Form and Function, 1 LU

Request a 1 hour Lunch and Learn AIA CES presentation at your facility by contacting us with your desired place, date and time. 


At GKD, we are committed to the environment and good stewardship. Our sustainability efforts our evident in that the stainless steel we use contains post-industrial and post-consumer content; our metal fabrics can be re-used; and metal fabric contributes to LEED points under the Energy and Atmosphere, Material and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, Innovation and Design and Site Selection categories.



Aesthetics, Quality and Ease of Maintenance

Our metal fabrics and our innovative attachment systems are crafted of non-corroding high-grade AISI Type 316 stainless steel. As a result, every installation is a marriage of the material’s inherent beauty, durability and ease of maintenance. Along with stainless steel, other materials, such as copper, bronze, aluminum are employed independently or in combinations to achieve results of function and aesthetics.

GKD metal fabrics retain their beauty for decades with little maintenance. Many interior projects require only dusting and a light cleaning, while exterior projects may call for a pressure washing program, periodic inspection and minor adjustments over time.



We not only deliver maintenance assistance on several levels, but we also provide complete turn-key solutions for our fully integrated systems. Our work is not complete until our product is delivered and installed.


We offer installation services in the following ways:

 • Instruction and Drawings: We offer suggestions, sketches or drawings to allow clients to complete the installation with their own contractor.
• Supervisory Oversight: We provide supervision on a contractual basis to assure the smooth implementation of the installation plan. Troubleshooting is available.
• Supervision and Installation: We take the lead on the product’s complete installation once the substructure is prepared for the metal fabric (mandatory for all Mediamesh projects).