GKD Duren: Day

The unique qualities of Mediamesh can easily be seen on this small scale installation at GKD's headquarters in Duren, Germany. Up close the LED technology reveals itself; at a distance the thousands of pixels of light blend to become a distinct graphic image.
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Mediamesh® at Cook Children’s Health Care System Parking Garage
WinStar World Casino
Miami Mediamesh at American Airlines Arena
Henry Madden Library at CSU, Fresno
Long Beach Court Building
Mediamesh at the Port Authority Bus Terminal of NY
Atelier a Torce Mediamesh and Illumesh
Mediamesh on the Plaza, Milano Italy
NBA Champions Miami Heat at AA Arena
Horace - Building Character
Vinny - Building Character
Geneva Auto Show - Opel Exhibit
GKD Duren: Day
GKD Düren: Night
Felicity - Building Character
Serge - Building Character